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The majority of Buddy volunteers are high schoolers.  We do offer volunteer opportunities to mature elementary and middle school students and welcome adult volunteers too.

Through interaction with their special needs players, our student volunteers learn patience, understanding and the ability of one person to positively influence and change the life of another; and it works both ways!

The number of players the program is able to enroll is dependent upon the number of volunteers who sign up.  As a result, volunteering is not a casual commitment. Volunteers are required to attend at least 80% of the game days, we stress this point because it’s critical to the success of the program. It is important to the player that his or her buddy is there for them each game day.  The interaction between our players and volunteers is what makes the magic happen.

Parkland Buddy Sports is authorized through the schools to provide community service hours to our student volunteers. Between 2002 and 2011, our student volunteers, who represent more than 20 area schools, have earned more than 20,000 community service hours.