Parkland Buddy Sports Inc. is a non profit organization providing year round quality sport programs for children with special needs ages 4 & up and volunteer opportunities for neurotypical teens. The environment is empowering, challenging, and loving with an emphasis on having fun and making friends. The program began in 2002 with 20 players and 30 student volunteers for Soccer Buddies. We now have eight programs, throughout the calendar year, serving hundreds of players and recruiting hundreds of student volunteers from high schools from all over South East Florida.

The enduring success of Parkland Buddy Sports is due to the Team Effort of our dedicated Board of Directors, Coaches and the Volunteers, Players and their families. The feedback received from the families of our players, is overwhelmingly positive as is the heartfelt reaction from our volunteers and their families. Our players look forward to interacting with their peers and Buddies on game day each week. The smiles are priceless.

Fee Free – There is No Cost To Participate –  Parkland Buddy Sports is funded entirely by personal and corporate tax deductible donations and subsidized by corporate sponsors and events. We also receive contributions from Amazon Smile, you can designate Parkland Buddy Sports as your charity of choice and .5% of every purchase will come directly to us!  100% of all funds raised by sponsorships and personal or corporate donations are allocated to purchase equipment, uniforms, trophies and year-end celebrations for each program.

Volunteer Scholarships – We are grateful to our volunteers. We also offer several annual scholarships to our High School seniors.  To learn more about these opportunities, please look under the Volunteering tab, students must follow the directions to apply for scholarship consideration.

Interested in becoming a sponsor or donor?  Please click on the Donations tab at the top to learn more.

About Our Programs:

  • Players and volunteers MUST register by the designated deadlines to participate in each program
  • Players are paired with volunteers/buddies for weekly activities and games
  • Activities and games take place Saturday or Sunday (*Yoga Buddies is Wednesday afternoon)
  • Each activity last approximately 1 hour

Our Special Needs Players Learn:

  • Not to give up
  • Always try your best
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun!

 Our Volunteers/Buddies Learn: 

  • Patience
  • Tolerance
  • Responsibilty
  • Accountability
  • One person really can change the life of another

Players are matched with their own “Buddy” volunteer for the entire season. Our volunteers, both students and adults, learn to create an environment void of physical, social and cultural barriers so there are “NO LIMITS.”

All student volunteers receive community service hours for their participation

“No Limits”  is our mantra. Parkland Buddy Sports is dedicated to providing the best in sport programs for special needs children. The program builds skills, confidence, self esteem, and a lifetime devotion to sports and fitness.