Patti Tyrie Memorial Scholarship

Patti Tyrie Memorial Scholarship

 for Senior Volunteers

The Patti Tyrie Memorial Scholarship was created in loving memory of Coach Kevin’s wife, Patti.  Kevin and Patti’s daughters, Kati and Kristen, were part of the original volunteers that helped launch the program.

We are accepting applications from the graduating seniors that are pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree or plan to enroll at a vocational school for this $1000 scholarship.

Criteria: A minimum of 50 documented volunteer hours with Parkland Buddy Sports

To submit your application please complete the following sentence and expand on it with your thoughts.

What I will remember about volunteering with Parkland Buddy Sports and how it has impacted my life _______.

Your response needs to be a 3-5 minute video of you speaking with a simple background. We are evaluating the content of your answer, so do not worry about the production part of the video.

Give your name, plans for after high school graduation, sport(s) you volunteer for and your best estimate of how many hours you volunteered for Buddy Sports at the beginning of your statement.

Submit your video by a shared link from google docs (or other cloud storage) to  If you need assistance in video submission please email Coach Mike at Your video will only be shared with other Board Members.

Applications will be accepted through March 30, 2020